Here is training Video One. Let's start with knowing what your time is really worth. 


For Section 2, Let's dive into knowing what you need to do, and exactly how much you need to do to get the results you need.


You are now well on your way having the foundation needed to have the career of your dreams. Let's now dive into our CRM here at BREPM, currently it is Real Geeks. Here is a brief overview of the system.

Here are the best practices for lead follow up within the system. Speed to Lead!!!

Now let's create your business plan!

In our business having a plan is key and knowing exactly how you need breakdown your follow plan into several categories will make the difference between having a high conversion ratio and a ratio of next to none. Let's guaranty your success.

There are people in our industry who can convert at rates of nearly 10% with online leads. Here is your chance to learn from the best. Check this out!

One of the best ways to always have a great pipeline and find leads at any time is to hold open houses. 1/18 people who sign into your open house should turn into a sale with proper follow up. Let's learn from one of the masters.

In this section of training we will tackle FB Ads, right now they are huge, and Real Geeks allows a platform that converts at some of the highest levels. Check this out.