A Real Estate Career with Breakthrough Real Estate and Property Management is the RIGHT MOVE!

Breakthrough Real Estate and Property Management is a full-service Real Estate Agency. With Breakthrough, You can expect support from the moment you walk through the front door.  It begins with the atmosphere and staff. We love what we do and are here for you 100%. Thank you for checking out a little more of what we offer.

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Here are a couple of our plans:

We have the "Josh's Team Plan" which offer leads, an ISA to help cultivate your leads, contract coordination support, training, a team feeling and pretty much everything else you need or want as a new agent or any agent wanting as much support as possible. We have the "Lead Plan' which offers all the basics Breakthrough has, plus a leads with great lead platform. Next, we have the "BREPM Basic" all the basics an agent can want. We also have a fantastic 100% plan and team plans.

All The Basics: Training, Paperwork System and Support, Leads, a great CRM, Wonderful Atmosphere, Guidance, Cards, Signs, Website, Broker Access, Growth Opportunities, Residual Income, Proven Plans for Success, Events and So Much more!

To schedule an interview: call 602-938-5415 or email info@brepm.com


Residual Income!!!!

 We offer unrivaled Property Management services and we are always looking to grow. So we offer our agents HUGE bonuses and residual income for referring owners/properties to management. These quickly ADD Up, easily $1000's per month.

We hope our agents love Breakthrough and want to share this with the world. Therefor we want to take care of all our agents who refer others to our awesome growing community. You will receive residual income from each closing your direct referrals make. This, too, adds up very quickly to $1000's per month in extra residual income. We are not a multi level or direct marketing company, do not be mistaken. We truly love taking care of our agents.

Breakthrough is a fantastic and growing brokerage, we're always looking for GREAT agents who want to have their business "Breakthrough" to the Dream level. 

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Breakthrough Breakout Training is 9 Sessions that will kick start your career and get you on the path of attaining your dreams. Watch This!

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Wonderful Staff!!

Our AMAZING Staff is here to support you. Help you. Guide you. Give you the leverage and team you need to maximize your time and free  you up to do what you need and love to do.

On September 21st 2020, we will be celebrating 5 years as Breakthrough Real Estate and Property Management—BUT we have over 12 years experience in Business.

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Property Management Services

In that time, we've assisted not only buyers and sellers, but also investors. If you need help finding the best investment properties, we're the team for you! We also professionally manage vacation homes, rental properties, apartments and commercial proprties. We look forward to helping as many clients as possible attain their dreams at Breakthrough! 

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My entire life, my father has been a Real Estate Investor. Some of my first memories are riding along with him in the truck going to look at land, so you can say Real Estate has been in my life—and in my blood—from the beginning. You could also say the entrepreneurial spirit has been a part of me from an early age as well. At the age of 12, I sold candles door-to-door for extra money. You might not expect it, but in AZ there is actually quite a market for candles during the monsoon season! Fast forward to finishing high school locally here in Glendale, then attending Arizona State University. 

In 2007, working Retail, a single Dad and never seeing my daughter and not having a life... I knew there had to be something better. Fortunately my then fiance suggested I became a Realtor. So I took a 3 week "sabatical" and came back a fully licensed Realtor. Within 6 months, I broke free from "the grind" and was a full time Realtor with Prudential. After about 2 years I then found a great home at a smaller brokerage and quickly became a top salesman in my office and cultivated a wonderful Real Estate Career. In 2015, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and opened Breakthrough Real Estate and Property Management, LLC.

To schedule an interview: call 602-938-5415 or email info@brepm.com

Thank you so much!

I look forward to speaking with you!

Joshua Ezell

Designated Broker, Co-owner

Breakthrough Real Estate & Property Management



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